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OIA VantagePoint™

OIA VantagePoint™ powered by SportScanInfo is a powerful online retail point-of-sale reporting system designed for and by manufacturers and retailers in the active outdoor lifestyle industry.  

OIA VantagePoint revolutionizes the way the outdoor industry does business by providing critical, in-depth and detailed business information faster than ever. 

OIA VantagePoint Member Data includes:

  • Category Reports with detailed, timely, and robust product sales information for OIA members; and
  • Trend Reports for OIA members and associate members on a weekly, monthly and quarterly rotation.

Data Subscriber access includes Expanded Services for in-depth market share, brand and product information. Contact The SportsOneSource Group for more information at 303.997.7302 or email

SportScanInfo has been providing point-of-sale data to retailers and manufactures in the sporting goods, footwear and apparel markets for over ten years. Members of the outdoor industry can now leverage the SportScanInfo reporting platform to gain visibility of retail sales from smaller, single store specialty retailers and specialty chain retailers to national footwear, sporting goods, department store and discount/mass chains.